Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Magic Kingdom Part 1

Day 2 found us more tired, but still extremely excited. I was super stoked for the Magic Kingdom.
Here's up waiting for the shuttle at the hotel. The shuttle took us to Animal Kingdom, where we caught a bus to the TTC. From the TTC, you can take the monorail or ferry to the Magic Kingdom. We went with the monorail, assuming it would be faster. I don't know which actually IS faster.
Waiting for the monorail...
The ferry boats we never took.
We're HERE!
Morgan's awesome vintage ticket.
About to enter the tunnel!
MAIN STREET. Oh my goodness, it literally took my breath away. Florida's Main Street is definitely more impressive than Cali's. Though Disney's is special because it's so quaint and cozy. :)

The Castle. WOW!!! Again. Took my breath away. So so so beautiful and so HUGE!

The whole day went like something like this:
"Oh my GOSH! Morgan! Look at their castle!"
"I know! Look at their Adventureland!"
"Holy crap that's Big Thunder!"
"Big Thunder is actually BIG here!"
"Morgan, I think I'm going to cry."
"Ok, I'll take a picture."

I think the first fastpass we pulled was for Splash, knowing it was hot and the line would be long.

Pirates was closed when we walked by, so we had to wait for later. Don't let the awesome queue deceive you. Disney World Pirates is LAME.

Haunted Mansion was our first ride of the day. It doesn't even look scary though, huh?

The comparison? Disney World's Haunted is much cooler. It's awesome.
Disney World has Liberty Square instead of New Orleans square. I loved Liberty Square, but New Orleans is prettier. In my humble opinion.

Small World was our next ride. The queue and ride are 100% indoors. Weird, huh? It's also in the middle of Fantasyland rather than way in the back. Also weird.

Small World is better at Disneyland, especially since they recently added Disney characters to the California version.

The castle is seriously so beautiful. It is absolutely breathtaking.
Next, we saw Mickey's PhilharMagic. It was a very fun show!

Disney World has the Swiss Family Treehouse! Talk about a trip down memory lane!

Of the treehouses, I prefer Swiss Family Robinson to Tarzan. Maybe it's just nostalgia talking, but I loved that treehouse.

Next, we headed back over to Pirates which was open this time. The queue really is fun, but the ride? I'm serious when I say it sucks. It was very disappointing. Disneyland wins this match hands down.

Then, we headed over to Splash to use our fastpasses.

I was clearly getting pretty tired. :)
On Splash SIDE BY SIDE. So weird. I liked Splash Mountain at Disney World better. We sat in the back row and got incredibly soaked by water jets that shot us as we passed by the big drop. So random!
Hey look, it's the Diamond Horseshoe! Disneyland fanatics will know that at Disneyland, they have the Golden Horseshoe. We didn't actually go inside, but I think the Diamond's lack of Billy Hill and the Hillbillies automatically gives the Golden Horseshoe the win.
Why, it's the Liberty Bell!

One more glance at the castle, post being soaked by rain and Splash Mountain.
Goodbye for a few hours, Magic Kingdom. We're headed over to Hollywood Studios for awhile!

Stay tuned for at least two more Disney World posts. Then I can finally be done posting about this awesome trip!

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