Friday, June 19, 2009

Epcot Part 2

Alright, let's see if Blogger can play nice this time...

After visiting the amazing country of Italy, we trekked on over to our homestead, the United States of America! When I saw USA on the map, I was like, um, lame? But no worries. This is Colonial America. So that makes it un-lame. Anywho. Picture time.

America was pretty cool. There was a show, which we opted out of seeing. Maybe next time.

Next up was Japan.

This one's for Brad. :)

Japan was beautiful, slightly overwhelming, and (I presume) somewhat realistically claustrophobic. I really liked Japan but it was the most expensive area in the park (at least that I noticed) and it had the most shopping. We didn't see everything because the stores were never ending. I was okay with not seeing everything because I had no idea what I was looking at anyway. For example, what am I to make of a box that looks like one of those little laundry detergent boxes you can buy at laundromats with a picture of a very happy cartoon carrot followed by several exclamation points? Or a bag of hard (candies?) with a picture of birds on the front? Is it bird-flavored candy? Candy-flavored bird seed? Anyways, Japan was cool. Next time, I'm taking someone who can read Japanese and tell me what the heck they are trying to sell in those odd packages.

We had only made it halfway around the World Showcase when we decided to head back over to Future World to use our fastpasses for Test Track. Future World closes much earlier than the World Showcase. It had been raining on and off in the afternoon and basically poured on us as we walked back across the park. It was lovely. But it also caused Test Track to be closed. Apparently, they don't run it during rain. So we headed over to Spaceship Earth, hoping Test Track would be open after.

Spaceship Earth is a hilarious ride. I am not sure that its comedy is intentional, but I laughed the entire second half of the ride. Check it out:

Yes, that is my face on an oddly unisex cartoon figure body. This ride predicted our future. The coolest part of this ride, aside, of course, from the obviously AWESOME cartoon versions of you doing creepy things like chillaxin in underwater outer space or whatever we were doing, is that the ride is in the Epcot ball. Cool, eh?

After discovering the mysteries of our future life, (I'm so stoked that I get to ride around in my ugly red car rocket with Morgan making weird faces my whole life!) we headed back over to Test Track. And this time, we got to ride it. This fastpass line was amazing. We got right on.

Test Track was a very fun ride. It was my favorite ride in Epcot. :)

For Dad. It's a hydrogen-fueled car.

For Sean. Hummer truck.

For Elise. Because I THINK that might be Swedish. Otherwise... for everyone!

After Test Track, we went back over to the World Showcase to finish visiting the world!

Obviously, we had to stop to take some quick pictures first. :) Check out the Hidden Mickey in the picture directly above. It's awesome.

Our first stop this time was Canada.

I'm not sure why I look so unhappy in this picture.

This one's mostly for Brad, but also for anyone who has ever been on a Canada/ Alaska cruise with the Woods clan.

Oh Canada! You are so beautiful. And you also host a Circle-Vision 360 theatre. We didn't go because we didn't really feel up to it. But maybe next time, Canada.

After visiting Canada, we walked on over to Canada's big brother, the United Kingdom.

Another one for Brad. This entire store consisted of Beatles merch. He would have spent quite a bit of time here. :)

England was fun. They had all the cool candy bars that we sometimes buy when we go to Canada. Like Aero.

Next on our tour was France.

France had this aroma garden thing and they had plumerias. Plumerias are like my all time favorite flower. They are not the prettiest flower in the entire world, I know, but they have the best smell in the entire world. I love love love plumerias. I was so tempted to steal one, but I was nice and let Disney keep it. At least until some kid walks by it and snags it. I was also tempted to run to the nearest airport and hop on a plane to Hawaii, but i didn't do that either. :)

France was fun. The cast members were stand-offish, but their costumes were cool. And for the record, most of the cast members in Florida were rude. Disneyland definitely has nicer cast members.

Finally, we visited Morocco, which ended up being quite eventful.

We were just about done visiting Morocco when Morgan decided to duck into this little shop to look for a souvenier for one of her brothers. It was in this shop that she was stopped, almost immediately, by a Moroccan cast member. (She's going to be really ticked if she reads this. :) ) I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but all of the cast members in each area are from that country. So when I say "a Moroccan cast member" I mean that he was a cast member working in Morocco, but he was also actually FROM Morocco. Anywho, this guy immediately started flirting with her, inviting her to a club, asking for her number, and writing her name in Arabic. Alright, fine, so he wrote my name in Arabic too, but it was a total afterthought. He only had eyes for lovely Miss Morgan. Here's Morgan with her name:

After visiting Morocco, we had finished out the World Showcase. It was amazing. We decided that since we were pressed for time, we'd go over to Hollywoods Studios for an hour or so to finish out the day.
Of course, we had to take plenty of pictures on the way out.

Goodbye Epcot! I WILL come again!
Stay tuned for Hollywood Studios and for Day 2 at Disneyworld! :)


Marie said...

Looks like you had way too much fun. What an awesome trip. I am officially jealous!

{jennifer} said...

Fun pictures - I love the ones of you and Morgan in your realistic and awesome I might add space suits:) That and kissing the totem man.

Ross said...

oooh! I know how to read Japanese! Promise you take me next time? :P