Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hollywood Studios Day 2

It's going to take me a year to finish getting this trip posted!

As stated earlier, after a fun morning at the Magic Kingdom, we headed back to Hollywood Studios. It was a Star Wars Weekend (which is AWESOME!) so lots of pictures ensued. :)

We take the silliest/weirdest pictures....

A day time shot of the Sorcerer's hat. :)
Tower of Terror! The first thing we did was grab fastpasses for Tower. It's in my top 3 at California so of course we had to ride it in Florida! Then, we headed over to Rock 'N' Roller Coaster where we actually stood in the STANDBY line! I know, shock of all shocks.

I loved this ride. It was definitely my favorite ride at this park and one of my favorites, if not most favorite, at Disney World. The closest thing to this ride at the Disneyland Resort would be Screamin' over California. I can't really chose a winner for this one. Rock 'N' has several loops/corkscrews, is indoors, plays Aerosmith, and is kind of dark. There is a story line and there are things to look at during the ride. It's a blast, but it did make me pretty dizzy. Screamin' has one loop, is outside, plays a very Disney-sounding song (except for the four AWESOME months when it played Red Hot Chili Peppers), and is "just" a roller coaster. There is not a story line. It is fun and doesn't make me so dizzy. In the end, my verdict is "Both good. Both favorites." (Thanks Brain Regan!)

Next, we walked over to The Great Movie Ride.

The ride was fine. It wasn't bad. It did earn the nick name "The Not-So-Great Movie Ride" by us though. Take that for what it's worth.

Next, we went to Pixar Place to check out the wait times for Toy Story mania. At 160 minutes we opted out of waiting and instead, took pictures. We can always ride it in California!

We like the queue area for Toy Story Mania better in Florida. We also like the fact that they have a Fastpass for Toy Story Mania!

After exploring Pixar Place, we went to an exhibit called Walt Disney: One Man's Dream

It was more entertaining to us than the Caspian exhibit but still an exhibit...

We were still waiting to use our fastpasses for ToT, so we headed over to Star Tours to see all the Star Wars Weekend mayhem.

We met the Cantina Band, which made me miss Brad tons!

Tatooine! I love Star Wars.

Then we ventured out to find some lunch. We passed by the Muppet Vision Theater and Morganhad to take a picture. We love Muppet Vision.

We ate at the Pizza Planet. From Toy Story. It was awesome.

More Star Wars fun:

Headed back to Tower to finally use our fastpasses!

Tower is actually slightly different in Florida which was really cool. I'm not sure if we just didn't get a very good sequence of drops or if Cali's is more fun, but I vote for California on this one. Although, the Tower in Florida was very interesting and totally worth riding.

One more post coming your way then I can post my most recent DisneyLAND trip! Yay!

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