Monday, June 22, 2009

Hollywood Studios Day 1

Finally, to finish off the day, we headed over to Hollywood Studios. Upon arriving, we discovered that with only a little over an hour until closing time, the lines were insanely long and fastpasses were obviously no longer available. We decided to go ahead and familiarize ourselves with the park.

This is basically what DCA will look like in the future, post- billions of dollars remodel. I was obviously unaware that this picture was being taken, haha.

After walking around the park a bit, we decided to go to a Prince Caspian exhibit. If you go to Universal Studios and don't have much time to spend there, I would HIGHLY suggest NOT seeing this. Haha. It was fine. Just. Lame.

Then, we went over to Star Tours, which was only a "ten" minute wait. Actually, we walked right on. Star Tours is exactly the same, but the queue in Florida is definitely cooler.

Until tomorrow DHS, we bid farewell!

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