Friday, September 25, 2009

Losing my wings

As some of you know, my flying days are numbered. I've been flying for free for 18 long, wonderful years. In just a couple of weeks, I will turn 23 and my wings will be clipped. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this change. I have loved being spontaneous with my mom and flying off to fun, crazy places (okay, let's be realistic... Disneyland) at a minute's notice. Obviously we've been to Disneyland quite a bit, but I have used my flight benefits to go other fun places including San Diego, Las Vegas, Salt Lake, Orlando, Hawaii, Denver, Miami, Dallas, St. Louis, Seattle, and San Francisco, to name a few.

As my flight time dwindles away, my desire to see the world increases. Unfortunately, I have very limited funds right now, so seeing the "world" is probably not going to happen anytime soon. Irregardless, I've decided to make the most of these last few weeks by cramming in as many day trips as possible.

On Monday, my mom and I went to San Diego. I had not been for quite some time and it was loads of fun! We were there for about 7 hours. The weather was gorgeous!

While there, we took the bus to Seaport Village, which is a pretty cute tourist trap. We hung around Horton's Plaza, which is always fun. We ate at Anthony's and it was even better than I remember. We soaked up the sun, got chased around by an attractive surfer dude, and met some interesting people. Lots of fun. You can view more pictures here.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Starting to catch up... (Random, non-Disney-related post. :) )

A while ago, some friends and I went to yet another dress-up YSA dance. For a person who does not dance well AT ALL, I sure go to a lot of dances! :) This was a 70s/80s dance. I was a little sick of my 80s costume and since 90% of the YSAs at the Blast From the Past dance were decked out in 80s garb, I decided to go for something different. Morgan is always a good sport and dressed up with me. We convinced Tanner to come and to wear some of my dad's old threads, along with some "awesome" jeans he found at Saver's. Morgan wore a dress her mom made in high school and I wore some of my mom's clothes with some of my own stuff thrown in the mix too. (I feel that I look a bit like a Maitre'd at a themed restaurant in Disneyland, but my mom assures me that my look is SO 70s. :) Feel free to weigh in with your opinion.)

Aren't my fellow disco dancers groovy looking? I LOVE Morgan's dress and neck tie. Awesome. :) The best part of the dance was saying hi to a friend of mine. He proceeded to introduce himself to me. It was really funny. I just stood there for a second, wondering if he was joking. When I realized he wasn't, I said, "Um.... you don't recognize me, do you?" I had to take off my sunglasses before he realized who I was. So at least none of my dorky dance moves will be contributed to Emily. Just to some weird mystery girl in a 70s outfit. :)

On a completely unrelated note, my dad was able to go to Mexico a while back and see Sabastian get baptized. He had SO much fun! We missed him at home, but enjoyed our girl time and we are glad he had such a great time with cute Karla and family. :) Karla sent some treats back with him. We gave some to Lexie and Landon and we had fun sampling some ourselves. I haven't had Mexican candy in a LONG time and it was fun to try all this yummy stuff! Thanks, Karla!

Hope everyone is doing well! Happy blogging!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So much for weekly posts...

Sorry I've been neglecting you, blog world. I can't lie and say I've been busy, so I'll simply say I've been preoccupied. :)

A few weeks ago, my mom and I went to (you guessed it) Disneyland. Rather than doing a full trip report, I thought we'd play a game of "Can you guess the location?" I tried to take semi-obscure pictures during the few hours I was there. Anyone care to venture a guess as to where these pictures were taken? They are all in Disneyland, of course. :)

You can view the rest of my photos here. :) Hope everyone had a fun, safe Labor Day!