Friday, September 25, 2009

Losing my wings

As some of you know, my flying days are numbered. I've been flying for free for 18 long, wonderful years. In just a couple of weeks, I will turn 23 and my wings will be clipped. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this change. I have loved being spontaneous with my mom and flying off to fun, crazy places (okay, let's be realistic... Disneyland) at a minute's notice. Obviously we've been to Disneyland quite a bit, but I have used my flight benefits to go other fun places including San Diego, Las Vegas, Salt Lake, Orlando, Hawaii, Denver, Miami, Dallas, St. Louis, Seattle, and San Francisco, to name a few.

As my flight time dwindles away, my desire to see the world increases. Unfortunately, I have very limited funds right now, so seeing the "world" is probably not going to happen anytime soon. Irregardless, I've decided to make the most of these last few weeks by cramming in as many day trips as possible.

On Monday, my mom and I went to San Diego. I had not been for quite some time and it was loads of fun! We were there for about 7 hours. The weather was gorgeous!

While there, we took the bus to Seaport Village, which is a pretty cute tourist trap. We hung around Horton's Plaza, which is always fun. We ate at Anthony's and it was even better than I remember. We soaked up the sun, got chased around by an attractive surfer dude, and met some interesting people. Lots of fun. You can view more pictures here.

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