Saturday, January 2, 2010

Of Weather Vanes and Tambourines: A Disneyland HoliDAY

Another month, another Disney trip. But, hey I didn't go in November, so you can't call me COMPLETELY insane yet. Morgan and I went the first week of December to see the Christmas decorations. Christmas at Disneyland is my absolute favorite. The park is gorgeous.

We left Arizona at about 3am, drove straight to Disneyland, stayed till about 11, went to our hotel, and slept! The next day we went to Company D, which had over a two-hour wait just to get into the building, so we drove back to Disneyland and did some shopping at Downtown Disney before heading back home. It was a short, but oh-so-fun trip.

Since we were only there for one (crowded) day, I thought we'd be rushing to get on every ride, but we both were in the mood to just take it easy. We watched lots of shows, were "chosen" to BE in one show, and walked around, taking lots of pictures. Of course, we also went on just about every ride at least once, but we went at a slower pace than usual. It was great.

Since we don't often go to Fantasyland, we decided to walk around and take pictures. There are so many little details that make Fantasyland what it is. One thing I noticed this trip was all the different weather vanes on the little buildings.

My camera does NOT like bright, sunny Anaheim weather, but if you look extra close, you might find a Hidden Mickey in this window outside of Peter Pan.
Can't see it? Well, let's ask Photoshop for some help.
See it? A red Mickey on a Teddy Bear's foot. :)

As we were walking from Critter Country to Frontierland to watch my personal favorite, Billy Hill and the Hillbillies, I noticed a cast member asking families if they wanted to participate in a show. I knew immediately what he was talking about. In order to promote The Princess and the Frog, Disney created a show called Tiana's Showboat Jubilee. It takes place aboard the Mark Twain riverboat. Since Morgan found out about this show, (MONTHS ago) it has been her dream to be in it. I grabbed Morgan, and we walked over to the cast member. I told Morgan we should just ask him if we can be in it. After standing there awkwardly for a few seconds, the cast member asked us if we had a question. I got embarrassed and sheepishly said "No." Morgan, fortunately, said "Yes. Are you asking people to go on the showboat?" He said yes. Then Morgan said, "Can we?" He coyly responded "...Maybe." Then he pulled out a special ticket for us. It was great. We had a great time being part of the Disney entertainment team for an hour.

Receiving our instructions from the cast members
We got to meet Louis!

Act 1: Wave your scarf up and down during the chorus. Simple enough. :)

I got a little stage fright when I saw how many people were watching. Yikes!

The amazing jazz band

Morgan has all our pictures of Act 2, which involved shaking a huge wooden musical note. Look it up on Facebook. :) Here's Act 3: Put your snazzy costume on and shake that tambourine! Morgan and I got to be on the second level with a handful of other guests and a bunch of the actual performers. Morgan got to stand right next to Louis! :)

After the show was over, we had a private tour of the Rivers of America and got to meet Louis, Tiana, and Naveen.

They gave us these awesome beads for being part of the show!

I'm a slacker when it comes to taking pictures, especially when I'm with Morgan, who takes tons of pictures. So, that's all the pictures in my personal collection, but Morgan posted lots on Facebook. Check them out!

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