Monday, July 6, 2009

Disneyland June '09

For the purposes of this blog post, we are going to pretend that I wrote this letter to Disneyland at the beginning of June.

Dear Disneyland,

I have missed you. These three long months away from you have been almost unbearable. I have heard you have changed. New fireworks show, new Fantasmic, new Woody's Roundup, and a new dance club as well? So many changes, such a little amount of time! I must come see you soon. Please save a place within your gates for me and my mom. I'm missing you so!


P.S. I visited your younger, larger sibling in Florida. They said to say hello!

I did finally visit and here's what I discovered:

A walkway that we've either forgotten about or yet to discover.
Wonderful live music. (As always)
Construction on the Wonderful World of Color lagoon, as well as the "new" Mickey's Fun Wheel (formerly known as the Sun Wheel).

Revamped Sun/Fun Wheel cars.

People making poor fashion choices. (I took this picture because of the shoes but now that I look at the outfit as a whole, I'm concerned on a whole new level!)

Beautiful flowers, like usual.
A creepy sign I've either never noticed, or forgot about.

A new parade.

People wearing jeans that are much tighter than they should be, way too colorful, and altogether unflattering.

More interesting fashion choices.
(At least she'll always know what time it is!)
Big Thunder breaking down.

(Here we are stuck on the ride. I love breaking down on rides. It is fascinating to me!)

That Big Thunder has giant spotlights they turn on when the ride breaks down.
That Billy is still my favorite show in the park.

That my mom is a great butterfly photographer.
Woody's Roundup. (New BBQ place)
Patriotic goats.

And some not so patriotic ones too.
That Pongo can jump.

That Pancho has brown fur.
The old stage coaches.
Hidden Mickeys.
Strange contests and even stranger contestants.

The old Mine train.
The Skyway station.
The man himself.
That construction on the new Dark ride is underway. (And that Whoopi's reign of weirdness is finally over!)
"New" Boardwalk games.

That the face of Screamin' has been made less cool.
That people sure chose to do odd things with their hair sometimes.
That I'm no longer creative when it comes to taking ride pictures.
That my mom is pretty convincing when it comes to playing a role. (Just joking mom. :) )

And that you, Disneyland, are still full of magic and discovery.

I discovered many things after my three-month-long absence. And now it's time for a new letter:

Dear Disneyland,

I miss you already. I immensely enjoyed visiting you last week. Why didn't you tell me about all the other new things? And why were so many of your new features broken? I enjoyed Magical, the new fireworks show, but Dumbo did not fly above the castle. (Although I do love Tink, too.) I loved Fantasmic, but wished I could have seen the new dragon and Flotsom and Jetsam in action! I didn't even know that the Electrical Light Parade had been redone and that Tinkerbell now has a float! And there is new music? And! I just found out about Enchantment, the new water and light show at Pixie Hollows! I know only one solution to this problem... I'll just have to visit you again!

See you soon!



Courtney said...

EMILY!!! I just found your blog on Jen's... and I LOVE it!!! It is so entertaining! The pictures of you and your mom on the rides made me laugh... OUT LOUD! :) SO FUNNY!~ I want to be invited the next tome you guys go... you bring out a whole new side of Disneyland! I LOVE IT!

Janet said...

I really wish I had the "Asian Lady" picture. Let's go back, I can do better!!!