Monday, July 27, 2009

{9 Little Piggies}

this little piggy went to the market,
this little piggy stayed home,
this little piggy had roast beef,
this little piggy had none,
and this little piggy went...

So of course I failed to take pictures of this, but last Monday, I broke my toe. As you all know, I am a very graceful person, full of poise, balance, athletic ability, and visual/spacial reasoning skills. Oh WAIT. That's right, I'm a big {klutz.} :)

The story isn't exciting (like the time I broke my foot pretending to be Kristi Yamaguchi when I was six. )

I simply stubbed it on a night stand. And it broke. But you can tell people that I got into a scuffle with some pirates if it makes you happy.

So, if you are ever doubting the importance and functionality of your ten little toes, try walking around on only nine of those little piggies. It's harder than you may think!

I'm sad I broke my toe, but I sure am grateful for nine healthy, happy, fully-functioning toes. :)

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