Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Last Day Blues

So my student teaching experience is over. It was probably the shortest 16 weeks of my life. I seriously enjoyed every second. I hope hope HOPE I can find a job teaching next year because It is definitely the career choice for me. I LOVE it.

I am officially a certified teacher in the state of Arizona. I am so excited! I got my certificate last Thursday!

Last Friday was my last day in the classroom. The kids were so sweet and well-behaved. They threw me a surprise party after lunch and in the true Chapman girl style, I cried. I really am going to miss them. They are wonderful students!

In other news, I am graduating Wednesday and Friday. Convocation is on Friday the 15th at the Mesa Arts Center, 9:00 AM. Everyone is invited to that and to my open house which will be that evening at my house at 7:00. :) Come and enjoy some yummy treats. :)

And one final item: a shameless plug. I am teaching swimming lessons again this year. If you or someone you know is interested, please call me ASAP to get on my schedule! Thanks!

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Shar said...

congratulations on graduating Em! that is awesome news. Good luck with finding a teaching position. Any school that gets you will be LUCKY to have you!