Friday, April 10, 2009


So here it is. My long-awaited picture post.

Like I said in my previous post, Disneyland always has new things. Here are a few:

I got my best score ever on Astro-Blasters and moved into LEVEL 6! Woohoo! It was a happy moment.
We found a really fun, practically secluded place to eat our lunch one day and Morgan had a blast photographing the entire experience. ;)

I found some guys to flirt with. They are great guys. They are ALWAYS there for ya. ;)

This one was a little short for my taste...
We toured Sleeping Beauty's castle, while wearing princess crowns.
We got SOAKED on G.R.R. It was hysterical.
This one's for Brad. It says "The big yellow one is the sun!" (Yay for Brian Regan!)
And as promised, we were met with a whole slew of poor fashion choices.
Exhibit A: Ok. Not only does this young woman have a talent for picking out the most unflattering colors, patterns, and sizes, she was also a very talented mom and daughter. "SHUT UP!" was her favorite phrase. Aw, bless her heart. Ha, did you notice that the leggings have buttons? What kind of weather requires flip flops and a mini dress, but also button up leggings and a short-sleeved sweater?

My next victim's dress was totally made by her mother. Which there is nothing wrong with of course. Unless the dress pattern said mom used was from 1982 and the fabric looked like wallpaper from 1968. Oh and its even better than it looks in this picture because those aren't just roses, folks. Those are roses, cats, and dogs. Hahahaha.

You know, when it's ridiculously hot outside, I too sometimes think it would be best to wrap my legs in skin-tight garbage bags before leaving the house. It just seems so sensible.
This picture is literally saved as "Holy colors, Batman!" on my computer.

Those are not shorts, as you might think. Nor are they tights. No, no. This, my friends, is what happens when you combine SOCKS, with the shortest skirt known to exist. On a breezy day, no less. So. If you need to wear a skirt so short that it shows off every inch of your legs, but then pair that skirt with the world's longest pair of socks, what in the world is your purpose other than to confuse me???

So you tell me. Do you think these are socks? Or...?
Ok, I literally have no words for this next one. One can only laugh.

This was the sweetest lady ever. She was so nice. And she does work for a space-age-y kind of ride, so her hair makes sense, I think. But still. Her hair. It's hilarious.

And now I give you my favorite picture of the trip. See if you can figure out why. (Hint: Look at the name of the car.)

In case you can't read it, it says "Toady."

Thanks for reading. Hope it was enjoyable!


Asenath said...

Oh man. Those were some nice outfits! I hope you have more... :)

Becky said...

I totally have those leggings with the buttons. *hiding face in shame*