Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2010 Year in Review: March

I had an idea to start this post off in the following way:

Silly, teacher! Blogs are for people with time on their hands!

Then I realized that most of the blogs I follow are written by moms, people who work full time, pregnant women, etc. It's true that I'm in up to my ears in things to do, but somehow these amazing women (okay, and a few men too) find time to blog. I just haven't (and probably won't if we're being honest) made it a priority. It goes without saying that this post is long overdue, but truthfully, I'm surprised I at least made it to February before the Kindergarten tidal wave came rolling back in on my life.

Tonight, "lucky" readers, you get to take advantage of my lack of motivation to complete my homework for my SEI 45 class. Procrastination: 1 Emily: 0.

So back on topic...

March. I honestly have no clue what I did in March. Allow me to consult my photo library and I'll be back shortly.

Evidently, March was a month of randomness filled with super inexpensive dates. Fun. :) Cue the photographic evidence of our simple, awesome lives:

On a GORGEOUS Saturday, we went to one of Nate's mission buddy's rugby games. It was really interesting, but I had no clue what was going on. My wonderful public education never included rugby rules.

Inexpensive (aka free) Date Night: Game Night- Cities and Knights

Bowling with friends

More fun with friends: Ugly outfit night (Nate's was complete with lovely pit stains... Thank you missionaries of Cleveland, Ohio)
Inexpensive Date Night: Painting random pictures? Not sure why exactly we chose this, but we did have fun.
Hiking at Peralta (my personal fave)

Fun with family: Bowling and arcade games

Les and Nate

Hopefully I'll get to April before next year. :) Love ya'll.

You're welcome, Mom. ;)

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