Thursday, November 5, 2009

Excuses, excuses, excuses

I'm not sure why it's so difficult for me to update this thing. I have several blog entries written in my head, but they just don't ever get posted. So for now I'll give you my ever-growing excuse list.
  • I Hate with a capitol h uploading photos to Blogger. It's the worst system. I'm envious of all my blogger friends who have the patience to upload several per post. You guys rock.
  • My computer crashed at the beginning of October and I lost all my files, settings, and programs. So that means no pictures to post anyways because I'm one of those dumb people who thinks, "I'll back up my files...tomorrow."
  • I'm feeling a little bit homesick for Disneyland and the blog doesn't help. I know, it's pathetic...
Really, I've just been too lazy to update the blog. It's not a matter of being busy or not having time. I do love you all and I still read everybody's blogs. I just have neglected my own. Here's to trying to catch up. :)

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Kjerstin said...

I do the same thing...have so many posts in my head that never make it to my actual blog. So with pictures, I found that if you convert them to a lower quality JPEG (like a 2), they upload 100x faster...and updating to the new blogger format also helped. Just thought I'd share. Hope all is well with you!