Thursday, August 6, 2009

DCA Top Ten

I'm still putting of my trip report because I don't feel like uploading all the pictures yet. Lo siento. :) So today's post takes us all the way over to Disney's California Adventure. Here's my current top ten list:

10. Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue! The wait time for this ride is usually about 3 or 4 minutes and it's worth the "wait." It's a cute dark ride that is pretty entertaining for adults as well as for kids. Plus, it's not terrifying like so many other Disney dark rides (Hello Snow White!). Cute ride. :)
9. Disney's Electrical Parade: Loved this as a kid and I still love it today. We actually don't see this that often. I've only seen it once or twice since it changed to Disney's Electrical Parade (as opposed to Main Street Electrical Parade), but it's on my "next time" list. :)
8. Disney's Aladdin- A Musical Spectacular: Wow, this show is amazing. Most of the cast members are incredible. Although, truthfully, there's at least one.... weaker... member for each role and when each of them acts in the same show, it gets a little hard to bear. (Like the time we saw it with whiny Jasmine, lispy Aladdin, spitty Jafar, and tight-pants Sultan). It's only about an hour long and it really is incredible.
7. Disney Animation (I could have sworn this was called the Animation Studio...): Home of the Sorcerer's Workshop, Animation Academy, Turtle Talk, and Character Closeup, the Animation (Studio) is a great place to relax after walking all day. Turtle Talk is adorable and the Animation Academy is fun too! The Character Closeup is currently featuring the Toy Story Zoetrope, which is still awesome. In the Sorcerer's Workshop, you can draw an animated cartoon strip, visit the Beast's library, and visit Ursula's Grotto. Fun, roomy, air-conditioned place. :)
6. Grizzly River Run: This ride is pretty fun, especially if it's hot. Well, really, only if it's hot. Because being wet and cold is never all that fun. However when it is cold, the wait time is about five minutes. When it's hot outside, expect to wait 75 minutes, single-ride, or use a fastpass. I would suggest fastpass, as half the fun of this ride is riding with friends and seeing who gets soaked first! (By the way, the fastpasses are now connected to the rest of the park, so you can no longer "cheat" and pull two at the same time. Sad.) Not to mention, I got stuck single-riding once. It was ridiculously hot, I hadn't gotten splashed once, and we were in a very bright, unshaded area. AND I was stuck with 7 annoying teenagers for 45 minutes. Oh joy. I got to listen to commentary about my actions the entire time. "Hey, look! That girl is reading a book!" Yes, yes I am. And guess what? "That girl" has ears and is sitting a mere three feet from you. Thank heavens for iPods and good novels.
5. Mission Tortilla Factory: Is it embarrassing that this is so high on my list? Admittedly, this wouldn't be in my number five slot if it was always spitting out corn tortillas... but the delicious warm flour tortillas (or the "tortilla kind" according to Jake Coleman)... mmmm. Did I mention it's free? FREE food at the Disneyland Resort! Free. Delicious. LOVE the Tortilla Factory. And hey, the video ain't half bad either. (Even though I have it memorized in its entirety.) Maseca!
4. Soarin' Over California: My mom's favorite ride! The first time I rode this, I was AMAZED. It is incredible. But I'm a roller coaster person and the high speed loops, drops, and thrills of Tower and Screamin' attracted me much more than Soarin'. Now, I'm falling in love all over. The ride really is incredible. Last time I rode, I sat next to an adorable family who had never been on the ride. I had forgotten how magical this ride really is the first time you experience it. Visually stunning, and technologically quite impressive, it's definitely in my top five. I suggest fastpasses or single-ride. If you do wait standby or use a fastpass, be sure to request front row, middle section (Gate B1) for the best seats in the house.
3. California Screamin': This one is fairly self explanatory. I love coasters, so I love Screamin'. Besides, this attraction is the birth place of many genius Brad ride pictures, including, but not limited to, "Tortilla Face," and "Shoe Phone."
2. Toy Story Mania: Words cannot describe this ride, as evidenced by its ability to out seat Screamin' for a number 2 spot in my book. This ride is number 2 for me because of its innovation and just how amazingly FUN it is. It's slightly reminiscent of a dark ride, but it seems faster and more exciting than your average dark ride. It is slightly similar to Buzz in Disneyland, but with better targets, more accurate shooting, and a completely different skill set. And it has the added fun of 3D glasses. It's a ride! It's a game! It's a show! It's FUN! And! It's a different adventure each and every time. Definitely made for the one-time rider and the person (like me) who will ride it over and over. There are hidden targets, targets that spray you with water or trigger some other kind of reaction, and plenty of different tracks to take. It's a GREAT attraction. (2 pictures because I just love this artwork! :) )
AND... (I bet you already can guess) my number one attraction at DCA is...

1. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror: Not recommended if you have a SERIOUS fear of heights. I love freefall types of rides. This ride is....AWESOME.

Honorable Mentions include: Mickey's Fun Wheel (I refuse to ride in the swinging gondolas), Mulholland Madness (But be warned, everyone I know except for me hates this ride), Walt Disney Imagineering Blue Sky Cellar (Especially if you are an AP, visit yearly, or are a fellow fanatic), Muppet Vision 3D (This would probably be my number 11. Great show!), Heimlich's Chew Chew Train (Don't wait more than five minutes, as it's about a 45 second ride, but it is a fun, cute ride), Princess Dot Puddle Park (This area is where we spend most of our time on unbearably hot days), Redwood Creek Challenge Trail (Fun place, especially for bored little ones who need to get rid of some of that excess energy!), Pixar Play Parade (Fun parade, but prepare to get wet if you are near the front!), and Delta Daddios

I cannot wait for World of Color to start! And Ariel's Under the Sea Adventure (is that the official name?)! And Cars Land! Exciting changes. :)

Please leave a comment with your favorites. I loved reading them last time!

(P.S. Marie, I have bad news for you. McDonald's is no longer a sponsor at Disneyland and that means no more McDonald's Conestoga Fries Wagon. Sad day! And Jen, I love Disneyland food! And Mom, I can't believe I forgot about Saturday night jazz! Love it!)


{jennifer} said...

Ok I love Disneyland for the nastolgia (totally wrong spelling I am sure) but I love DCA for the rides! I actually liked that this park was always dead until Toy Story Mania was built. But now it is crowded. Boo! I love the open (as in wide) streets and did I mention the rides?

My favorite is Screamin' with Tower coming in a close second. Sadly I am the only one in my family that will go on these so I usually skip them as waiting in line by my lonesome (fastpass or single) is well kind of lonely.

I can't wait until the contruction is all done as last time I went it drove me nuts trying to get around. It will be awesome when they get done spending their $1 billion bucks!

I was cracking up remembering the pictures of Brad's tortilla face and shoe phone. Almost as funny as Mom's "Chinese food" face.

Brad's Mom said...

Hey, "Chinese" is the all time classic, but Brad's tortilla wins. I also enjoy have a birthday everytime we go. haha I do love Soarin' - it's dark, it's cool and you get to put your feet up for 7 minutes - heaven.

I really enjoy watching people get soaked on Grizzly - I could watch for hours.

Muppet 3-D is also one of my favorites as is walking in to the bread factory, getting a sample and leaving as fast as possible in order to miss Rosie O'wierdo.

The talking garbage cans are unique to CA and yes Colleen, there is a talking garbage can.

And let me just say that CA has the coolest restrooms. The tile work is unique and beautiful and I for one would put them in the top 10!!!

The Brawley's said...

Hey! It was fun catching up! And I totally know what you mean about the Snow White ride, I was totally freaked out. I can't believe that is a kids ride!