Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have a lot of things to be thankful for. A lot of things make me smile every single day. Here are just a few things that made me smile this week:

My family


The gospel

Playing Clara Barton in a Social Studies lesson plan one of my peers presented. Haha!


Waking up to Landon saying "Emmmm-eeeee!"

Leaving "my" room to find Lexie sitting in the hall, staring at my door, waiting for me to come out and then hearing her say, "Yay! Emily's awake! I didn't even have to pester you!"

Subbing at the preschool and seeing many of my former kiddos.

Grant telling me that I can still come to his birthday party, even though I'm a girl. (Grant is 4. His birthday is not until April)

Knowing that my cute little brother is going to be fed on Thanksgiving.

Marcus (the "island boy" in my intern classroom... I'll have to explain what "island boy" means I guess. :) ) calling me over to help him, then explaining that he really didn't need any help, he "just wanted attention." (Okay, so one of my professors always talked about "island boy/girl" and he explained it like this: "You know when you walk in a classroom and everyone is sitting in these cute little pods or tables or three or four desks or maybe even long rows? And then there's that one kid who's sitting all by himself in some forsaken corner? Most teachers call him the trouble student, but I like to call him island boy." I found it humorous and use it all the time now.)


Text messages

Really good jazz music

Pandora (Thanks, Sage! I'm totally hooked now!)

Finishing The Grim Grotto, Book the 11th of A Series of Unfortunate Events

Cheesy forwarded emails

Playing mom for the weekend

And so much more!


{jennifer} said...

Thanks for playing mom for me this weekend:) Last night Sean was snuggling with Alexis and asked her is she was happy we were home etc. Then he asked "would you rather have mom watch you or Emily?" She thought for a few seconds and then said "EMILY! because she is fun." I was hilariously offended, I guess I can't always be the fun mom;(

Brad's Mom said...

You make me smile and I am thankful for you too!